Rogue Hoe Tools Testimonials

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My elderly father was an avid gardener, and every time anyone came to visit him in the garden he would tell them about the great [Rogue] hoe he was using. The next thing he would ask was if they would like to give it a try out. He gave many of these hoes away to his close fellow gardeners. One of the recipients was my father-in-law who also loved the hoe. He is in a care home now. I brought the hoe home, refinished and sharpened it, and gave it to his daughter, my wife. Guess what? She loves it so much she won’t even let me use it. No more hoeing for me. Brilliant idea and product.


Just received my 70G Rogue Hoe. I did a lot of research before deciding on a new hoe. The hoe I have used for 40 years of gardening was a hoe used by my grandmother for probably another 40 years. This hoe I have no doubt will last as long. The design and quality of this tool is more than I expected. I would also like to compliment you on outstanding shipping. It was a joy to do business on the internet with such a fine company. Thanks again.


I used both of my scuffle hoes, the 80S and 110S, in my melon patch (about 2/3 of an acre). There is no way I could get the weeds out any better or faster. I have 4 other Rogue hoes – the 575G, 70G, H40G, and 70F. Since I discovered them about 4 years ago, I am having much more fun hoeing.


I do a good deal of trail building and maintenance for local multi use trails. I’ve used the field hoes that you produce for some quick cleaning up and love it. But, the new Rogue Hoe with Rake Teeth is a huge step about all other McLeod tools I’ve used before. If there is any one tool to own for trail work this is it. This tool puts all others to shame.


Our mountain bike club bought 6 FB55H hoes about a year ago specifically for building trail. They are the best hand tools we have! They have been abused pretty heavily in the time we've had them. Heavy bench cutting, chopping large roots and the occasional log. Full blow overhead swings into logs doesn't phase them! Even abuse from rocks is shrugged aside. We will be purchasing 8 more in the near future. Thanks for a great product. Only our diesel powered mini excavator is faster!

Craig M.

I have now used my FB70H on several trail building days and I'm amazed with the quality of this tool. I have never used anything that bench cuts as well as my Prohoe. It goes through roots like soft butter and allows me to "shave" the surface clean. Normally, we would have to come back with loppers to take care of the roots and a McLeod to smooth the surface. The incredibly sharp edge saves these extra steps and increases the amount of trail we can build in a given amount of time. Several buddies borrowed my FB70H and have since purchased their own. One word of caution: Do not put your Prohoe down. It will get snatched up by someone else when you're not looking.

Todd B.

Have already purchased one of your 575G and also your Scuffle Hoe. These are without a doubt the BEST garden tools I have ever owned, and I've owned a alot! I'm an avid gardener so I really put them to work. But whether a person gardens little or much, these hoes are worth every penny and then some!!


In May I bought one of your triangle hoes. It is probably the best yard purchase I have made. It is sharp, fits neatly between the plants, and cuts from all directions. Thanks for making such a fine quality tool.


I received this hoe as a gift from my brother. He gave my 2 sisters one also. I like it so well I have ordered one for my 2 daughters. I have hoed all my life and never used a hoe so efficient. It's fun to hoe my garden now! It's great to see such a quality product.


I received my 8" scuffle hoe today. I just want to say it is worth every penny. It is the BEST tool I have ever used for weed removal. A hula hoe is literally a joke by comparison. If I was a garden tool salesman, I would sell your product. I can't believe I went this long without one!

Dave W.

I bought a 70F a few years ago and it ranks up there with my 30 year old Stihl chainsaw for quality and utility. I've cut large tree roots with it and generally abused it and it has held up without the handle loosening or the blade getting very dull at all. This is a great hoe for my raised beds in my garden also. Thank you for making something that good at that price.

Mike M.

As a person who has grown all their own food since childhood 50+ years ago.. These are the best hoes I've EVER used...I'll be buying these for my brothers and sisters for Christmas presents...can these be shipped directly to other addresses? (emphasis in original and the answer is YES).

Andy N.

I have already purchased one of your 575G and also your Scuffle Hoe. These are without a doubt the BEST garden tools I have every owned -- and I've owned a lot! I'm an avid gardener, so I really put them to work. But whether a person gardens little or much, these hoes are worth every penny and then some!!


I will give a presentation at our Master Gardeners' meeting this afternoon and I want to pass on the good news of the Rogue Hoe while I give a remembrance on Victory Gardens of WWII. My 5 Rogue hoes have been as outstanding as others have related in their testimonials...Thank you for your hoes that put the fun in hoeing.

B Brown

I just received a model 60G. Without question it is the best performing hoe I have ever used. The steel is the perfect temper, thickness, and curve for the job. The grinding process is fantastic. ... You people are smart. You are the only manufacturer I have ever known of that really knows how to design a hoe.

Gary O.

I have wanted to tell you many times how much I enjoy my 80S scuffle hoe. I purchased mine a year ago, and I can honestly say it is my #1 wisest & best buy of the year. It turns work into pleasure. I have told several of my neighbors about your hoes and my mailman purchased 5 of them - one each for himself, his wife, and their 3 children. If you stop making them, mine cannot be bought. My most recent purchase, the 70F is excellent for tornado cleanup.

Henry T.

I am 64 years old and having lived on a farm all of my life using all types of field and garden hoes, without a doubt the 575G hoe is the best. I own three.

Just got my hoe today. I Love it, I love it, the quality is far beyond anything I have seen. I will tell all my gardening friends about you. I hope that one day, you will venture out into other gardening tools. I would be among the first to buy...Mark me down as a future customer for some of your other size hoes. Thank you for building such quality. Have a nice day.


My order arrived and I love my hoes! It's so nice to have a product made in the USA and, even better, one that is a pleasure to use. I will be ordering again and giving your company's name to everyone...Thanks again.


Badger Creek Wildfire has been carrying 3 of the 55A tools on all of our engines. We have been all over the United States on fires and every place we go folks on the line ask to see what we are using. The California Fires of 2008 led us to Northern California, there was a huge interest by most of the rank & file CalFire crews that we worked with. We are hoping to continue using your tools for years to come and recommend them to all we meet. Thanks for a Great Product.


I have used your F70F hoe for a few years now, and have really appreciated how well it works. Also the F80S. Not sure they will ever wear out, but just in case, and for convenience, am ordering a variety of new hoes. They are a super bargain, a really great value. Thank you for your excellent work. The only problem - for you - is that your hoes are so well built, I can see that it will be many years before I will have to order any more.

Dear Sir: This is the best hoe I have seen since my great grandmother's times. I bought the 55F (field hoe). It's great! I planted 6 pepper plants today the same day it came in the mail. Then I weeded the rest of my garden with it. When I got back up to the house I cut weeds around the back steps. It's absolutely the best. Thanks! I think I am going to buy one of each - well not counting the fire tools. The field hoe has just the right weight to get the work done. I don't think people realize that the weight of the hoe helps to cut the roots and weeds without working the gardener to death. I see people raise their hoes over their head trying to get power to cut roots and weed balls. Not me -- about 4 inches off the ground with your field hoe is all it takes to cut anything. Thanks so much.


Now that is what I am talking about! Good old American ingenuity and American quality. Just received my 70G and I am very happy! Excellent balance with the 60" handle and cuts like no how I have used before! Thanks you!

I have one of these already and love it. It is the best for weeding that I have. I have MS and find that I can still weed with this tool because the motion is right and I don't have to bend or get down on my knees. Thanks you!

I am very grateful to the inventor of the Rogue Hoe line of garden tools. Due to arthritis I thought my gardening days were coming to an early end. These well designed tools have reduced my work load to the point that I will be able to continue gardening. These tools are heavy duty and always stay sharp. This reduces the wear and tear on my joints yet still keeps my muscles in tone. I truly beleive these tools are life extenders for someone like me. My only regret about buying them is that I did not find them years ago. I can only speculate on how much work I could have gotten done with one of these tools when I was younger. I eventually plan to purchase more Rogue Hoes and get rid of most of my older ones. I would like to see you make a shorter handled version of the scuffle hoe. Come weeding time it is my most used tool. Many times I use it with one hand for fine weeding. I will end here by saying, "THANK YOU!", to the inventor of these products.

C B.

I had purchased my tool at our Garden Show in Biloxi MS in 2004 or 2005. After hurricane Katrina hit our area, I was forced to change my career from a Hair Stylist to owning a landscaping business. I had one of my employees working in my own yard when he lost it. Talk about upset...when we would be working on a job somewhere else, my friend and I would fight over who would use it. Although I had been searching for others at a hardware store and nothing compared to MY TOOL. Then I found it again. It cost me double but worth every penny. When I had them delivered it was like CHRISTMAS to this gardener. Then I started selling them to my clients. THANKS FOR MAKING AN INCREDIBLE TOOL and making my job easier.


I've purchased 3 of your garden hoes at the Topeka Lawn & Garden Show several years ago. I have two garden tools I wouldn't want to be without -- your garden hoes and my hand mattock. Keeping weeds out of my garden is SO easy using your hoes -- they are weighted just right to get the weeds out but not so heavy that you use all your energy moving the hoe. I can weed my 33' x 60' garden plot in about an hour with energy to spare. I can even use it one-handed when I have picked vegetables in the other arm. I'm ordering a hoe for my friend -- and two more for me!

There are hoes and, then, there are HOES! My new Rogue is a HOE and a half. My faith in Yankee ingenuity has been renewed. Thank you, Prohoe!

First, whoever thought up this hoe is to be commended and, second, I hope they have plans to expand production. Rogue is THE Cadillac of all hoes at twice the price. I have been using my Father's Scoville hoe for most of my life and thought there could be no improvements. I was wrong. Prohoe has made a far superior product. Once you use a Rogue, you will never want to use a goose-neck or eye hoe again. My Rogue 575G simply doesn't bounce when I use it in dirt. Weeds don't have a chance. One other thing, if you find nicer people to work with than those at Prohoe, let me know will you?

D. Polk

It was quite a surprise to see a saran? wrapped hoe next to my door this Monday morning. I placed the order on Thursday afternoon. That was fast! The hoe looks great. After I recover from the exhaustion of tearing off the saran wrap, I will give it a try.

I purchased two of your garden hoes earlier this year, the 70G and 575G, and have been using them in my garden ever since. They are a joy to use and I would like to say thank you for the best hoe I have ever used. They are very well built and will quickly cut through weeds and effectively move soil where it is needed. I highly recommend your garden hoe to all gardeners. Once again, thanks for a superior product.

J. House, Somerset, KY

Your hoes are the best on the market. Your new scuffle hoes are great. I had alot of little weeds in our 30 by 70 foot garden. I covered the area in about 1 and 1/2 hours with this 6 inch hoe. Hope to get the 8 inch this year. It makes weeding easy. I tell everyone about them.

Take a moment to be proud of these truly wonderful tools!

I have bought one of your hoes and I think it is the best hoe I have ever used. It stays sharp and is heavy enough to carry on through a cut.

L. Baker, Clarence, MO

We operate an organic vegetable farm in NW Missouri. Weeding and hoeing is a never-ending job around here. On the recommendation of our suppliers, Morgan County Seeds, I purchased two of your Rogue hoes yesterday, and I am amazed at the quality. It instantly became our favorite tool on the farm. It cuts weeding labor to almost nothing compared to the old-style garden hoes. There is absolutely no comparison. It seems these days that we are overwhelmed with lousy, cheaply made imported products. The quality of your American-make product is refreshing.

L. & B. Robertson

I purchased one of your 7" fiberglass field hoes at the Michigan Fruit & Vegetable show two years ago. I just wanted to let you know how well the tool has worked. I conduct field research plots, and the hoe has exceeded my expectations. I regularly chop mature corn stalks, LARGE weeds, and the hoe keeps on going where others would break and have broken in the past. Thanks for a great tool - Best wishes from a former K-State Wildcat.

J. Johnson

My law partner and I read about you in Mother Earth News. He ordered a 55F field hoe and a short handled hoe. I borrowed the field hoe to help with some trenching I am doing on my property for drainage. This is by far the best tool I have ever used. We have a high clay soil here we call gumbo mud. When its wet it is soft, but when it is dry it is like baked clay. Almost brick like. I cut through roots and baked gumbo mud like it was butter. I ordered my own 55F and a short handled model. I love them so much I ordered another 55F and a 70F. These hoes are incredible and like I said the best tool I have owned, including anything that is motor driven.

P. McGinnis

"These are without a doubt the BEST garden tools I have ever owned, and I've owned a lot! I'm an avid gardener so I really put them to work. Whether a person gardens little or much, these hoes are worth every penny and then some!"


"Received our second scuffle hoe yesterday. Let me say I am 72 years young and have had a garden most of my adult life. This hoe really works well , I only wish I had had one growing up. My dad gave us chores to complete before went to the river to swim or fish. If I had one back then I could have beat all the other boys to the swimming hole. Have a Blessed day!"